Mike Aiken Releases “Wayward Troubadour” on Vinyl, Plus New Video for “Nashville Skyline” Track

Americana Singer-Songwriter Mike Aiken Releases Vinyl Format of His New Album, Wayward Troubadour, Plus New Video for “Nashville Skyline” Track

Norfolk, VA – On October 26, Singer-songwriter Mike Aiken released a vinyl version of his latest album, Wayward Troubadour, on Northwind Records.  The vinyl edition features an additional bonus track of the song, “Put a Sail on It.” The release on vinyl was made possible as part of a Kickstarter campaign, in which a vinyl supporter was given the reward of being the executive producer and picking any song of Mike’s to be included on the record. “Colin Mack of Mack Sails came in for this reward and chose the song,” says Aiken. “We had to go back and remaster the song for vinyl to include it. This record is the only place you can hear ‘Put a Sail on It’ on vinyl.”

Mike Aiken has also released his first video of a song off the new album, “Nashville Skyline.https://youtu.be/UV1dYB_RE2o.

“The ‘Nashville Skyline’video was shot over a three-month time period, including getting the ‘road’ B-roll and state signs footage,” says Aiken about the shoot. “This was shot while I was out on tour and filmed by my wife Amy and me. The performance parts and Vintage Airstream parts were shot in Nashville over a two-day period. The Vintage Airstream coach in the video belongs to a friend of mine. The Airstream was originally designed and built to be a funeral coach; the scene where you see me unloading gear from it was built to hold the casket. I believe that only 14 of these were built. The coach was found in a salvage yard two years ago and my friend and I have been working on getting it up and running. Its presence in the video was probably the longest run it’s been on in 10 years. Chris P. James, who co-wrote the song and has been a member of The Burrito Brothers since the mid-1980s, made a guest appearance in the video and also was a guest vocalist on the recording of the song. The porch scenes and Chris getting picked up were filmed in East Nashville.

“I wanted this video and song to show the grittier side of a hard working road dog Nashville musician. I didn’t want a fancy tour bus and glamor. Most of us don’t live that life. It was during the short first test drive with the Airstream that I thought this would make a great platform to create the video.  Amy, who is a band member and been on the road with me for years, and Chris P. James, another lifer of the road, were all into working on pulling off the vibe and feel of the song during shooting the video. I mean, after all, it is who we are and what we do!”

Since its CD release in the spring, Wayward Troubadour has racked up an impressive list of reviews from the media:

“Mike Aiken’s new release is one of those Americana ‘kick back and hang out’ collections perfect to pop in the stereo and launch into the season. Featuring super talented friends: Kenny Vaughan (Marty Stuart) on guitars, David Roe (Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed) on bass, and with songs co-written by Henry Paul (Outlaws), who also contributes mandolin and vocals; and Chris P. James (Burrito Brothers), the songs are, as expected, stories of the life of a singing bard and nostalgia, with some amusing songs thrown in for good measure.”
Americana Highways

“Truth be told, there’s not a bad cut on the record. Aiken shows himself to be a fine writer and a master at picking songs to cover.” – Vintage Guitar

“Mike Aiken delivers an album rooted in traditional country, with moments of Western Swing that will fit very nicely in your playlist. My personal favorite is ‘Travelin’ Bone,’ a catchy number that stirs up childhood memories of putting on J.J. Cale albums. These are songs that will have you smiling and head-bobbing and generally feeling carefree. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Just wait until you hear this album.” – Parcbench.Live

About Mike Aiken

If anybody has earned the title of “Wayward Troubadour,” Mike Aiken has. He ran away as a kid to play music. He became a licensed USCG Captain, has sailed over 30,000 Bluewater miles on his own sailboat and logged countless miles on the road performing in North America and Europe.

Mike Aiken’s vinyl and CD versions of Wayward Troubadour are available for sale at Amazon, iTunes, brick and mortar stores, as well as at his website: www.mikeaikenmusic.com

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